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We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

We offer a wide range of development and consulting services for small and large businesses alike. Every job is tailored to the client – from start to finish. With Dymax Business Solutions, you won’t be getting a cookie-cutter job. We believe in premium service at a reasonable price.

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Administration services

Our administration services can help your business…
• Develop systems that work more efficiently
• Easily integrate data from a variety of sources
• Communicate more effectively, both internally and externally
• Automate processes, saving time and money

System administration

System Administration Systems are everything in our world. This is why it’s vital for you to have systems that work well. We can develop software that will ensure all of your digital processes run without any problems, from client information handling to database maintenance and more!

System integration

Having all your systems work in harmony with one another is essential for a business that runs smoothly. We can help you integrate all your business’s virtual systems so that they work together to create a well-organized whole.

HR & Payroll

HR and payroll are two crucial areas for every business. If you mismanage your employees, nothing else will matter. They are the backbone of your company. We can help you develop HR and payroll solutions that will ensure your employees’ needs are taken care of and any problems are dealt with promptly.

Data administration

Running a business involves a lot of data – inventory, revenue, employee and client information, and much more. Without an effective system in place, all that data can overwhelm you. We can help you manage every piece of data that comes into your business with software that’s tailored to your needs.

Digital storefront services

Our digital storefront services can help your business…
• Receive more leads than ever before
• Convert those leads into paying customers
• Develop websites and apps that engage your customers over the long haul


eCommerce – eCommerce isn’t just the future. It’s a present. If your business’s eCommerce presence isn’t at the top of its game, you’re likely losing customers and revenue. We can help you develop every aspect of your eCommerce presence, from online stores and reviews to payment gateway help and more.

Website Development

Your business’s front door is your website. Before prospective customers will call or walk into your store, they’ll check out your website. This is why it’s essential to have a site that is responsive, easy-to-use, and fast. We can help you develop a site that’s all of those things – as well as beautiful. Don’t settle for less when preparing your web presence. It’s one of the most important parts of your business.

Mobile App development

Depending on your business and industry, a mobile app can be a great way to engage your clients and customers – and keep them engaged. We can help you develop an app that is customized to your needs.


Having a great website is crucial for your business’s success. But if it isn’t optimized for the big search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo), it won’t matter how great it looks. SEO has become one of the most important aspects of a business’s online presence. We can help make your site irresistible to Google with our SEO services

After Sales Support

Making a sale isn’t the end of your relationship with your customers. It’s the beginning. If you’re going to have long-term success, you need to develop a healthy system of after-sales support. We can help you maintain your relationships with your customers far into the future.

Ticket Management Systems

When your customers need support, they don’t want to be left in the dark. They want to know where they stand, every step of the way. Our ticket management systems allow you to keep them in the know, from beginning to end.

Enterprise Solutions

Your business is a large, complex machine with lots of moving parts. The only way to reduce friction and keep things moving smoothly is to have effective enterprise solutions in place. We can help you integrate every part of your company through processes and databases tailored to your needs.

Tracking Management Solutions

Tracking management is an essential part of any business that’s invested in a fleet. We can help you develop a system that tracks every vehicle so you always know where every part of your investment is.

Other services

In addition to providing a range of administration and digital storefront solutions, we also have experience in providing a number of other valuable services.

Core Banking Solutions

Core banking solutions allow a bank to share data quickly and easily between all of its branches. This means that your customers will be able to access their money, no matter where they are in the world. We can help you develop the core banking solutions you need to keep your customers connected to their accounts, anywhere in the world.

Long-term Maintenance Contracts For Office Machines & Computers

Our work is only as good as the tools we use. And if we’re not maintaining our tools, we’re setting ourselves up for failure. We offer maintenance contracts for office machines and computers, so your business has the tools it needs to get the job done, no matter what.

Software Development

We offer a host of software development services to meet each and every one of your business’s needs. Whether the development of an app, a supply chain management system, or something else entirely, we have the skills and expertise to tailor a software solution to your specifications.

Networking Services

We provide a number of networking services to keep your business’s computers connected and working together.


If you need a job done, but you don’t want to have to hire another full-time employee, we can help you get the job done without a long-term commitment. We offer a variety of outsourcing services. Contact us to find out more details.

Cloud Computing

There are numerous advantages to cloud computing, especially for businesses. Achieve greater efficiency, connection, and flexibility with one of our cloud computing solution.